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Pench National Park is a wildlife reserve located in the Satpura range of hills in the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. This national park has been named after the Pench River that flows through it. Extremely rich in biodiversity, the terrain of this wildlife area is characterized by majestic hills, precipitous slopes, and lush green valleys. A tiger resort Pench tourists book during their vacation, would not only give them the chance to enjoy a comfortable stay in this region, but would also make it convenient for them in getting to the reserve.
It does not come as a surprise that the natural beauty of Pench has found mention in great literary works, such as, 'Sakuntalam' and 'Meghadootam' by poet Kalidas. One can find several varieties of shrubs, trees, weeds, grasses, herbs, and climbers, while touring this region. Although this wildlife sanctuary is largely known for its population of tigers and panthers, tourists can also spot other wild animals like barking deer, wild boars, nilgais, sloth bears, and monkeys. The best time to visit Pench is during the period between February and April. It remains closed during the monsoon months of July, August, and September.
Air travellers can get to Pench National Park either from Jabalpur Airport or Nagpur Airport. For those travelling by trains, the nearest railway station would be Seoni. Pench is connected by road to major cities and towns nearby, which makes it convenient for road travellers in getting to the national park. A jungle resort Pench has in its surroundings would provide tourists with a comfortable stay. Its guests can also enjoy all the latest facilities during their stay. Landscaped garden, multi-cuisine restaurant, travel desk, kids' play area, and indoor games are some of the amenities offered in such resorts. Wildlife tours are also arranged by staff for their guests on demand.

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A visit to Pench National Park is always a delight for nature lovers. Its terrain is a mix of hills, mixed forest, water bodies, and a wide range of animals, reptiles, and birds. The grasses, shrubs, bushes, and herbs found in this region support a large population of herbivores. Various species of herbivorous animals are essential for the survival of carnivores. A resort in Pench gives tourists the convenience in getting to the wildlife reserve and watching its amazing animals. This national park is nestled in the lower southern reaches of Satpura hills in the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh.
Pench National Park gets its name from the Pench River, which flows through it from north to south. It also divides the national park into western and eastern halves. Herbivorous species that are commonly spotted on roadsides and river banks include Sambar, Chital, and Nilgai. Jackals roam around in search of food and can be seen almost anywhere in the reserve. Also spotted occasionally are the wild dogs, Gaurs, and Langurs. A stay in Pench would allow tourists to explore the different species of wild animals in the national park. Bird-watchers can also get the chance to watch some amazing bird species in action, such as, Magpie Robin, Red Jungle Fowl, Lesser Whistling Teal, and Red-vented Bulbul.
Resorts located in the surrounding areas of Pench National Park have well-furnished rooms and suites for the accommodation of tourists. They are also equipped with all the latest facilities that are designed to provide pleasant and comfortable stays to their guests. Multi-cuisine restaurant, travel desk, and massage services are some of the amenities available in them. A budget hotel in Pench is preferred by cost-conscious travellers. While such budget hotels provide stays at relatively lower rates, they do not compromise on the facilities made available for their guests.