Pench National Park

Pench Tiger Reserve
Tiger Reserve at Pench National Park
Located in southern part of Madhya Pradesh and bordering Maharashtra state, a tiger reserve called Pench National Park attracts many tourists every year. This reserve containing dense woods and rich wildlife was used as a setting by Rudyard Kipling for his famous work, 'The Jungle Book'. It is 19th reserve to have been included in the famous conservation project know as 'Project Tiger'. This wildlife sanctuary comprises of a vast area that is covered with moist tropical deciduous forest. The Pench River that flows through this park and a number of seasonal streams in it, provide great support for its wildlife. Carnivorous animals such as tigers, leopards and civets can be seen along Pench River, looking out for their prey. The reserve also has a variety of herbivorous animals along with several species of birds. This national park is open for visitors between the months of October and June, but remains closed during rainy seasons.

Bird Watching at Pench National Park
There are many places in this national park that can be worth visiting for tourists. A location called Sitaghat can be an attractive spot for visitors with plenty of rocks and beautiful trees. During summers, this area along the banks of river Pench appears more attractive with flowers of bushes in full bloom. Tourists would get an excellent view of these flowers when they visit this spot early in the morning. Alikatta, around which this tiger reserve has been planned, is vast grassland. Elephant rides that are used for touring this wildlife reserve begin from this amazing spot. Visitors to this area can enjoy the sights of grazing deer and other wild animals. Chhindimatta road, which leads visitors to Pench reservoir, also help them in sighting leopards, eagles and hawks. Park authorities have built a wonderful watchtower which provides a great view of Pench River. Visitors can get an opportunity to spend a night at this watchtower, which would be a memorable experience for them. Online Pench hotel booking provides great convenience for tourists to book an accommodation of their choice around this wildlife reserve. Booking well in advance is recommended for visitors to avoid any disappointment due to non-availability of rooms.

People visiting Pench can have many services and facilities that are provided at the national park. Eco-tourists would love to be a part of an eco-friendly camp that encourages recycling and reuse of materials. The reserve also offers a friendly environment to physically challenged individuals. Elephant and jeep safaris are conducted for tourists in order to help them make the most of their tour, sighting various animals and birds of this region. Money exchange facilities and a souvenir shop are also of great assistance for all international tourists. Presence of many hotels and resorts around this region would help visitors to have comfortable accommodations that are well-equipped with modern amenities. Guests can have a memorable stay while enjoying all the facilities and mouth-watering delicacies offered in them. A Pench accommodation would provide pleasant memories for tourists as they spend every moment in the lap of nature.